Teddy Talenoa

Former Student Vice Body President (2021 – 2022) 

Teddymax “Teddy” Talenoa served as the Executive Vice President of GCSA during the Cam Grinnell presidency of the 2021-2022 Academic Year. From Southern California, Teddy came to Gordon to study psychology. He has been heavily involved at Gordon both inside and outside of GCSA. He has served as a resident advisor in Residence Life since his Sophomore year, and has had leadership roles in the God’s Chosen Gospel Choir.  

Teddy had many accomplishments during his term as Executive Vice President. One of his areas of focus was on revamping the Executive Council, the collection of GCSA’s essential organizations including the publications, councils, and agencies. At that time, there was a number of inactive member organizations such as the Student Venues Council and the Idiom the needed reviving. Teddy helped reinstitute these organizations and developed a new plan for Scot Radio to transition into the Tartan to better improve sustainability. 

Cam and Teddy together focused on developing new Student Government relations with college leadership. As the first GCSA administration to serve during the leadership of the new Gordon President, Mike Hammond, they were able to reset the tone between GCSA and the college. New relationships were formed across many departments, which has helped the Student Government better serve students.

Teddy also played a key role in developing new positions in Student Government. The new Vice President for Intercultural Engagement position will ensure that Student Government is structurally committed to advocating for diversity, inclusivity, and intercultural competence across the college.  The new Director of Gifts and Commencement position will sustainability ensure that Student Government is building relationship beyond graduating senior, but also Alumni and donors. 

Teddy’s service in Student Government began during his freshman year. He served as the Freshman Class Representative. During his Sophomore Year, he served under the administration of Shineika Fareus as Vice President of Student Life. 

After serving as Executive Vice President during his Junior Year, he began serving as a Presidential Fellow in the Office of Studnet Life.