The Scotsmen are a TTBB (all male) a cappella group founded in the fall of 2011. We perform a mix of contemporary genres ranging from Doo-Wop to Dubstep. We provide an outlet for students interested in performing this style of music as well as represent and spread the name of Gordon College throughout the Greater Boston area to show that a small Christian liberal arts school can compete with big name universities in the form of a cappella singing. We perform off campus at churches, schools, and competitions as well as host off campus performers here. Finally, we provide opportunities for students to enjoy excellent a cappella music right at Gordon. Auditions will be announced near the beginning of the academic year. At the time of their announcement the sign up process will be made clear. To audition for The Scotsmen you should prepare one verse and chorus of a song of your choice, from any genre, that best showcases what you bring to the table as a singer. At auditions you’ll be asked to do some pitch matching exercises, a range check, a small section of sight-reading*, and perform the piece you have prepared. It is a very friendly environment, and we encourage anyone interested in singing to come out for an audition!

*The sight reading section of the audition is simply to assess your level of music literacy, you DO NOT need to be able to sight read music to become a member of the Scotsmen.


Led By:

Daniel Alvarado and Chris Molinaro





Auditions only.