The Student Assembly 


The Student Assembly is a part of the Student Government and is the legislative branch of the Gordon College Student Association. The Assembly governs the association in a way that represents and serves the beste interests of the student body. The Assembly consists of a total of 10 elected student representatives. This includes 6 Representatives At-Large, and 4 Class Representatives (1 for each class).

Powers and Responsibilities

The Assembly’s powers and responsibilities are defined by the GCSA Constitution and Bylaws. This includes both the governing control of GCSA internally, as well as the symbolic voice of the student body.

Within GCSA the Assembly’s powers are extensive and significant. First and foremost is the sole power of the purse. The GCSA budget is set by the Assembly and determines how over $135,000 is allocated and spent. Second, is the control of the establishment and review of all GCSA organizations. This includes all student clubs, councils, publications, and agencies. Third is the oversight of the government administration (the executive branch). The organizational establishment of each position in and their core responsibilities is set by the Bylaws, which is ultimately amendable by the Assembly. Fourth is the duty to review all appointments for non-elected positions that the President appoints.