Start a New Organization


Be creative – build community 

Interesting in forming a Gordon club?

Starting a student organization at Gordon is generally done with GCSA, unless the organization is ministry-oriented and belongs under the Chapel Office. Student organizations in GCSA are formed by an application process, followed by review and then an official Student Organization Charter, which must be approved by the Student Government. Leaders in Student Government are happy to assist you in this process.

(1) – Before Submitting an Application

Before starting the official process, we recomend doing some planning. First, brainstorm a clear and concise mission statement for the organization. Second, explore whether there are exhisting campus organizations that share a similar purpose, as to avoid starting something that already exhists. Third, brainstorm what activities, events, or programming the proposed club would develop to support its mission. Fourth, find an other students interested in helping you lead the organization, and find a Gordon Faculty/Staff member who is intersted in serving as your advisor. 

Advisor duties are explained in the application. 

(2) – Prepare an Application

Applications cover the following:

  • Basic information (organization name, student leader names)
  • Proposal explaining why the organization should be approved, mission statement, planned activities, etc.
  • Student Interest
  • Faculty/Staff Advisor

(3) – Submit an Application

Applications for new student organization are accepted during the academic year. However, applications submitted after April 1st will liekly not be reviewed before the end the academic year. Submit to [email protected]

(4) – Review Process

  • Student Government leaders and college staff will review the application
  • If the application is consistent with Gordon College’s mission and policies, the application process will proceed
  • The Student Government’s Committee on Student Organizations will review the application and meet with the proposed student leaders (the applicants)
  • If the Commitee approves, a Student Organization Charter will be drafted by the committee and reffered to the Student Assemlby for final review and approval

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