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Governing Documents

The governing documents of GCSA currently consists of this GCSA Constitution and GCSA Handbook. You can view them below or download them. 

The last amendment to the constitution was on April 3rd, 2023, in which the Student Body voted to ratify a revised new Constitution, which became effective on May 14th, 2023.

The handbook is designed to be a more comprehensive governing document for GCSA leaders. It was last ratified on April 16th, 2024.


The Constitution of GCSA

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Article One ~ The Legislative Branch

SECTION 1. There shall be a Student Assembly that is entrusted to be the agents and caretakers of the Student Body and shall possess the full legislative power of GCSA. They shall have the power to determine the responsibilities of the Student Government administration and to establish various divisions and organizations within GCSA; the power to determine the appropriation of funds, to ratify any binding agreements between GCSA and outside organizations, to act and advocate in the name of the Student Body, and to enact any other such legislation they deem necessary and proper to serve the interests of the students. The power of impeachment shall be provided for with legislation, and the responsibility to try all impeachments is vested with the Assembly.

SECTION 2. The full undergraduate Student Body shall elect six Representatives at-Large. There shall be Four Class Representatives, one elected by each Class. The Assembly shall consist of all ten Representatives who shall have equal voting authority.

SECTION 3. The Student Assembly shall determine the rules of their proceedings and the administration of their own affairs, and they may discipline or expel a member by two-thirds concurrence. The Assembly shall meet on a customary basis and a majority of duly elected Representatives shall constitute a quorum to conduct business. The right of the Student Body to be informed and provided the opportunity to be involved in the proceedings of the Student Assembly shall not be abridged, except when three-fourths deem it necessary to meet in executive session.

Article Two ~ The Executive

SECTION 1. There shall be an Executive President who is the chief executive officer of GCSA. He or she shall oversee the Student Government administration and ensure the execution of all legislation. He or she shall review all legislative acts of the Assembly, and within ten days may return with his or her written objections, an act which he or she finds contrary to the interests of the Student Body; in which case, the act shall not be valid unless two-thirds of the Assembly reconsider and adopt the act over the Executive President’s objections.

SECTION 2. The Executive President shall be elected by the undergraduate Student Body with an Executive Vice President. In the case of death, resignation, or removal of the Executive President, the Executive Vice President shall assume his or her office. In the case of the temporary absence or inability of the Executive President, the Executive Vice President shall act as Executive President. Further provisions of succession to the Executive President may be provided by legislation.

SECTION 3. As provided by legislation, there may be subordinate Officers that are elected by the Student Body, who shall assist the Executive President in the discharge of essential functions of the Student Government administration. As provided by legislation, there may be subordinate unelected Officers of the Student Government administration and other organizations. The Executive President shall appoint these officers with the consent of the Student Assembly.

SECTION 4. Officers of the Student Government administration and among the organizations shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, serious violations of college policy or other offences as provided by legislation. The concurrence of two-thirds of the Assembly is required for conviction.

Article Three ~ Requirements of Office

SECTION 1. All officers of the Student Government Administration and the Assembly, and other officers of the various organizations and divisions, must abide by this Constitution and all legislation and policies made pursuant thereof. This Constitution shall be the highest governing legislation in GCSA, except as otherwise provided for by the policies of Gordon College, and Federal and State law.

SECTION 2. The qualifications to assume any elected office of the Student Government shall be determined by legislation.

Article Four ~ Amendments

With the concurrence of three-fourths of the Student Assembly, a proposal to amend this Constitution may be made, and shall be ratified upon the agreement of two-thirds of the voting Student Body.