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About the Presidency 

The Student Body President is the chief advocate on behalf of the student body and is the chief executive officer of the Gordon College Student Association (GCSA). The President has a wide-range of responsibilities and powers that allow them, with the support of their Vice President, to serve the student body faithfully.

Under the new structure of GCSA Student Government, the President has two main functions: (1) Chairing the Student Senate and (2) overseeing a small executive staff team, which makes up the Office of the Student Body President.

The Student Senate, which directly represents the student body by residence hall, works on initiatives and Gordon policy issues that impact the wellbeing of students. There are three committees within the Senate, including Student Life, Academic Affairs, and Intercultural Engagement.

The Office of the Student Body President is the executive team that carries out day-to-day functions of GCSA. Reporting to the President and Vice President, this includes the Director of Communications, the Director of Finance, and the Executive Secretary.


About the Vice President

The Student Body Vice President is the chief deputy to the President. Together, the President & Vice President work to lead GCSA effectively, meet with college leaders regularly, including the College President, the Vice President for Student Life, and the Dean of Student Engagement and Leadership. 

While the President focuses primarily on chairing the Senate, the Vice President’s main job is overseeing the student organizations (clubs) under GCSA.  The Vice President therefore works closely with the Director of Finance as well as Gordon College’s Director of Student Activities, to oversee club policies, reviews proposals for new student organizations, and manage the GCSA budget. 





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