Budget Resources


What is the GCSA Budget?

The Gordon College Student Association (GCSA) is responsible for stewarding approximately $100,000 (varies per year). The GCSA Budget determines how this money is spent, which includes all GCSA clubs & organizations, stipends for certain leadership positions, and special student government initiatives. 

Like all departments of Gordon College, GCSA runs on a fiscal year budget.

  • The current fiscal year is FY 2023, which began on July 1st of 2022 and ends on June 30th 2023.
  • The budget that GCSA is starting to prepare is for next fiscal year, FY 2024, which will begin on July 1st, 2023, and end on June 30th, 2024.

Confirmed Budget FY 2023-2024 

Where does the money come from?


Alongside tuition, every student pays a Comprehensive Student Services Fee of $500. A small porition of that fee contributes to Gordon “student activities”. This money is then ditributed to GCSA, CEC, MIO, and ISS. Becuase GCSA’s revenue comes from student fees, our funding is linked to year-to-year college enrollement.

The current FY 2023 budget fevel for GCSA totals to $101,400. The figure for FY 2024 could fluxuate based on whether overall enrollement increases or decreases. Our budget planning for FY2024 will take this into account. 

Who is in charge of GCSA Budget?


Final authority on the GCSA Budget is vested with the Student Assembly, which is the elected legislative branch of the GCSA Student Government.

The Financial Affairs Committee (FAC), which reports to the Assemby, is responsible for managing the budget,  monitoring club spending, reviewing budget applications, and recomending budget changes and proposals to the Assembly. Every Spring, the Financial Affairs Committee receives applications from student organizations, prepares an overall GCSA budget based on those applications, and sends the budget draft to the Assembly to approve.