About GCSA  


who we are 


“The GCSA shall endeavor to honor the Lord our God and serve the community of Gordon College by enhancing the lives of students academically, spiritually, physically, and socially. By the authority given to it by the students and the administration of the College, the Student Government shall hereby be the official, representative voice of the students to the faculty, staff, trustees of the College, and to outside interests.”  

– Preamble of the GCSA Constitution 

What we do

The Gordon College Student Association, or GCSA, is the official student association at Gordon that houses most student groups. GCSA includes both the Student Government and over 30 active student-run organizations. GCSA as a whole is aimed at servings and advocating for students. Organizations (clubs) serve students by providing community, programming, or other activities. The Student Government serves and advocates for students by overseeing the GCSA organizations, and by constructively working with the college leadership and departments to better serve student needs by representing their needs.

GCSA is a complex and multi faceted association, with each part serving a unique role in the whole.  

Learn more about GCSA by navigating our pages on mission, structure, organizational directory, leadership, budget, and governing doucements.