About GCSA  


who we are 

Our Structure 

The Gordon College Student Association, or GCSA, is the student-lead association at Gordon that houses most many student groups. GCSA includes both the Student Government and the student-run organizations. The Student Governement is the governing body of GCSA, charged with representing the student body and oversesing the student organizations in GCSA. 

Student Government 

The GCSA Student Governement has two co-equal branches. The Student Assembly is the legislative branch. The Student Government Administration, led by the GCSA President ( also known as the Student Body President), is the executive branch.

The Student Assembly consists of a total of 10 elected student representatives. Six of those seats are Representatives at-Large, elected by the entire student body. Four of the seats are Class Representatives, one elected by each class. All Ten Representatives has equal voting authority in the Assembly. Learn more about the Assembly.

The Student Governement Administration is the executive branch of the Student Governement and is led by the President. The President is joined by an Executive Vice President, and seven other Cabinet-level officers. This includes the Vice Presidents for Finance, Student Organizations, Student Life, Academic Affairs, Communications, Intercultural Engagement, and the Executive Secretary. 



There are 47 active organizations in GCSA, including 33 student organizations and 14 student councils, publications, and agencies. GCSA Organizations provides students with community or services. Our organizations range from various culturual organizations, sport clubs, academic clubs, advocacy groups,  and more.